The Caloundra Arts Centre Association (C.A.C.A.)

The Caloundra Arts Centre Association is situated at 5 North St., Caloundra on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

There are 23 different groups in attendance at various times and over 590 financial members. There are also 19 Life Members. The list of current groups can be accessed  from the top  navigation menu. Each group can be explored individually to see artwork galleries and further group information including fees and meeting times.

The Caloundra Arts Centre is a valuable asset to the city of Caloundra and its citizens. It is the envy of many like minded crafts people everywhere. The Centre has become the success that it is by the efforts of its’ members, who willingly volunteer to serve on the various committees that manage the individual craft groups as well as on the C.A.C.A. Management Committee.





PATRON : Roy Henzell

Roy started working in the family business as a mail boy when he was 14. After graduating in Accountancy from Queensland University of Technology he started working at Henzells in the property management section before moving into real estate sales. Roy took the helm of the family business in 1984 when his father Bevan died. He was 29-years-old and ran the family business in partnership with his mother Judy Henzell until 1990 when he invited Garry Waters to join as a partner. In 1989, with a friendship with Roy dating back to the early 1970s, Garry joined Henzells to implement the development of Pelican Waters. A year later he became a partner. Judy retired in 1999 leaving Roy and Garry as the Henzells Agency partners


CACA is  a member of Sunshine Coast Destinations 2018/19

CACA is a member of Caloundra Chamber of Commerce





Proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program