Expressive Art


The Expressive Art Group meets at Caloundra Arts Centre, 5 North St., Caloundra on Thursday every month between 9am – 12.00

Initial membership of C.A.C.A. is a pre-requisite and an annual fee of $45.00 plus a once only joining fee of $5.00 is applicable. The annual fee is then payable before 31st December.

This class is experimental and investigative in nature. The group explores a more lateral view of drawing, own approach and progress of expression through drawing.


  1. To liberate the creative forces and thereby the artistic talents of members.
  2. Their own experiences and perceptions combine to result in genuine works.
  3. Gradually members work to rid themselves of the dead wood of convention and acquire the courage to create their own works.

For more information:

Contact: Janet 5492 3536  or  Gaynor  5491 4697