Porcelain Painting

Porcelain Painters meet at The Caloundra Arts Centre, 5 North St., Caloundra.

They meet every Thursday 9.00am – 12.00pm.

Initial membership of C.A.C.A. is a pre-requisite and the cost is $50.00. This is an annual fee of $45.00 plus a once only joining fee of $5.00. The annual fee is then payable before 31st December.

This is a small but friendly group of painters who enjoy using their artistic talents to enable them to embellish a variety of articles, such as plates, mugs, tiles, vases and novelties made from porcelain. There are kilns at the Centre for members to use to fire these articles which are painted in beautiful colours built up to the desired intensity by painting and firing many times. Usually three to four firings is enough, but occasionally an article may need many more firings to achieve the desired effect or vibrancy of colour.

There are many different types of decoration and techniques used, e.g. pen work, soft pastel, lustre work, grounded designs, pure gold, platinum and metallic embellishments and a variety of raised feature work.

They participate in the Fairs held at the Caloundra Arts Centre Association each year, where members of the group demonstrate this art.

Members also visit the Queensland Porcelain Painters Annual Show at Mount Cootha where they can attend workshops and gather new information, ideas and materials for future work.

Any persons interested in learning this art form are welcome to call in to observe this enjoyable pastime and chat with the group.Porcelain Painters are a self help group and all are willing to help newcomers begin to learn this fascinating hobby.

For more information contact: Julie Wilson-Hirst 0400 539710