Caloundra Potters meet at Caloundra Arts Centre, 5 North St., Caloundra.

Meetings are on every Tuesday and the 4th Monday of each month and run from approximately 9.00am – 4.00pm.

Initial membership of C.A.C.A. is a pre-requisite and the cost is $50.00. This is an annual fee of $45.00 plus a once only joining fee of $5.00. The annual fee is then payable before 31st December.

The Potters Group has no annual fee.

Half Day at Potters is $5.00

Potters were the first group to occupy space at the Centre, being the longest running group of over thirty years and at present have almost 40 members.They enjoy a passion for pottery with sculpture, wheel work, hand building, slip casting, mould making and glazing.

Firing techniques such as pit, raku, reduction and standard gas or electric kiln firing (3 kilns in operation) are used.

Potters share friendship, goodwill, ideas and talents.

The Potters Group is involved with the community and charities, and hold children’s workshops during the school holidays.

Members enjoy regular in-house and tutored workshops.

They exhibit in the Regional Art Gallery and create items for sale in The Gift Gallery.

The Potters Group actively participate in the running of C.A.C.A. Fairs. This includes a wonderful display of items for sale.

New members are always welcomed and supported.

Enquiries: Jan Roebuck  0439 604269  janroebuck@bigpond.com
Membership: Julie Wilson-Hirst  0400 539710  bodhitree@internode.on.net

Pottery work in progress (Large)Pottery